Amigurumi Dressed Cat Free Crochet Pattern

Hello dear visitors, I am here again with new amigurumi molds for you. I am sharing amigurumi patterns for you here for free. You can make your children happy by making these patterns. Amigurumi toys are very popular lately and are the most beautiful toys that don’t harm your kids. Your kids will love them. Let’s move on to our pattern and give them this gift.

You will need

1 piece White color rope
1 piece Red color rope
1 piece Brown color rope
Brown embroidery thread
2.2 mm or 2.5 mm crochet
Bead fiber
8 mm amigurumi eye
Etamine needle


Sc: Single crochet
inc: Increase
dec: Decrease
Ch: Chain

Things to Watch Out For

  • Remember to fill the toy with fiber as you duck.
  • If you leave the threads of the parts long, it will be easy for you to sew.
  • The numbers before the abbreviations indicate how many times you will repeat the given action.
  • Numbers outside of parentheses indicate how many times you will repeat the operation in parentheses.
  • The rows of the pieces of the toy are knitted in a spiral without joining them. So every row is like a continuation of each other. For this reason, it is useful to use a looper to determine the headers.

Arms (2 pieces)

It is knitted with brown rope.
1) 5SC into magic ring (5)
2) 5INC (10)
3-25) 10SC (10)
We fill the fiber and fold it in half and cover it with 5SC.

Legs (2 pieces)

It is knitted with brown rope.
1) 6SC into magic ring (6)
2) 6INC (12)
3-27) 12SC (12)
After finishing the first leg, we cut the rope. We will continue the trunk by pulling 4 chains without cutting the rope of the second leg and connecting the two legs with a loop shift.


To continue from the legs;
1) First leg 12SC, 4SC over 4CH, second leg 12SC, 4SC over 4CH(32)
2-15) 32SC (32)
16) 7SC, 1DEC, 14SC, 1DEC, 7SC (30)
17) 7SC, 1DEC, 13SC, 1DEC, 6SC (28)
18) 7SC, 1DEC, 12SC, 1DEC, 5SC (26)
19) 6SC, 1DEC, 11SC, 1DEC, 5SC (24)
20) 6SC, 1DEC, 10SC, 1DEC, 4SC (22)
21) 5SC, 1DEC, 9SC, 1DEC, 4SC (20)
22) 5SC, 1DEC, 8SC, 1DEC, 3SC (18)
23) 4SC, 1DEC, 7SC, 1DEC, 3SC (16)
24) 16SC


To continue from the body;
1) 16SC (16)
2) (1SC, 1INC) * 8 (24)
3) 1SC, 1INC, (2SC, 1INC) * 7, 1SC (32)
4) (3SC, 1INC) * 8 (40)
5) 2SC, 1INC, (4SC, 1INC) * 7, 2SC (48)
6-19) 48SC (48)
We place locked eyes between the 10th and 11th rows, with 10SC between them.
20) 2SC, 1DEC, (4SC, 1DEC) * 7, 2SC (40)
21) (3SC, 1DEC) * 8 (32)
22) 1SC, 1DEC, (2SC, 1DEC) * 7, 1SC (24)
23) (1SC, 1DEC) * 8 (16)
24) 8DEC
We close the remaining opening with the help of an etamine needle and hide the rope.

Ears (2 pieces)

It is knitted with brown rope.
1) 6SC into magic ring (6)
2) (2SC, 1INC) * 2 (8)
3) (3SC, 1INC) * 2 (10)
4) (4SC, 1INC) * 2 (12)
5) (5SC, 1INC) * 2 (14)
6) (6SC, 1INC) * 2 (16)
7) (7SC, 1INC) * 2 (18)
8) (8SC, 1INC) * 2 (20)
9) 20SC
After knitting the ears, we sew them on the head with the help of an etamine needle, as in the image.
Then, again with the help of an etamine needle (preferably with a thinner brown thread) we process the cat’s nose and whiskers as in the image.

Striped T-Shirt

It is knitted with red and white thread by changing one color in both rows.


1) 3CH, 22SC from the 2nd chain.
2) 2SC, 7CH, (5 stitches and 6th stitches ) respectively 8SC, 7CH (5 stitches and 6th stitches) 2SC
3) 1SC to each loop
4) Knitting 7SC, 1INC, 4SC, 1INC, 4SC, 1INC, 7SC, 1INC respectively, 30SC in total
5) 1SC to each loop for 3 rows
6) 34SC in total by knitting 7SC, INC, 6SC, INC, 6SC, INC, 7SC, INC respectively.
7) 1SC to each loop
8) Knitting 8SC, INC, 7SC, INC, 7SC, INC, 8SC, INC respectively 38SC in total
9) 3SC to each loop for 3 rows


The arms will be knitted on 5 chains and 7 SC that you knit in the 3rd row of the body. Start anywhere with the color you started knitting (I chose to start under the armpit.)
1) In the first row, when you pass 1SC to the upper part of the arm, increase 1 in the SC in the middle of 5 SC.
2) Knit 2 more rows and increase each in the same place.
3) When you reach 15 needles, you will knit 1SC of each loop for 2 rows and knit the arm part in 5 rows in total.
After we put the sweatshirt on the toy, we sew the opening in the back.


It is knitted with red color thread.
1) Create a ring by pulling 16CH together.
2) 16SC to each row (rotating) along 7 rows
In this way, another leg is knitted.
3) After knitting two of the leg part, pull 2 ​​chains and join them to the other leg without cutting the rope of the second leg.
4) 16SC from the first leg, 2SC over 2CH, 16SC from the second leg, 2SC over 2CH
5) 36SC across 8 rows
Your dressed cat toy is ready!

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