Amigurumi Babe Hanna Free Crochet Patterns

Hello dear visitors, I am here again with new amigurumi molds for you. I am sharing amigurumi patterns for you here for free. You can make your children happy by making these patterns. Amigurumi toys are very popular lately and are the most beautiful toys that don’t harm your kids. Your kids will love them. Let’s move on to our pattern and give them this gift.

You will need

2.5mm and 3mm crochet hook
6mm eyes
pink(top), green(trousers) and skin colored yarn (125m/50g)
brown yarn for the hair
fabric (5×17 cm)


ch = chain stitch
sc = single crochet
inc = increase
dec = decrease
dc = double crochet

Head and Body

using 3.0 crochet hook and skin colored yarn
2 ch, 6 sc in first chain from hook (or magic ring with 6 sc) (6)
inc x6 (12)
(sc, inc)x6 (18)
(2sc, inc)x5 (24)
(3sc, inc)x6 (30)
(4sc, inc)x6 (36)
(5sc, inc)x6 (42)
6 rounds sc (42)
(5sc, dec)x6 (36)
1 round sc (36)
(4sc, dec)x6 (30)
(3sc, dec)x6 (24)
(2sc, dec)x6 (18) start stuffing the head
(1sc, dec)x6 (12)
2 rounds sc (12)
(2sc, inc)x4 (16)
3 rounds sc (16)
(7sc, inc)x2 (18)
1 round sc (18)
(8sc, inc)x2 (20)
change to green yarn: 1 round sc (20)
(9sc, inc)x2 (22)
Now we are doing the first leg
crochet 11 sc, the next sc is worked in the first sc of this round
1 round sc (11)
4sc, dec, 5sc (10)
4sc, dec, 4sc (9)
1 round sc (9)
4sc, dec, 3sc (8)
change to skin coloured yarn: 1 round sc (8)
3sc, dec, 3sc (7)
2sc, dec, 3sc (6)
Stuff your doll
Work the second leg like the first one
Fasten off and close the little gaps at the legs

Arms (Make 2)

2.5mm crochet hook and skin colored yarn
2 ch, 6 sc in first chain from hook (or magic ring with 6 sc) (6)
1 round sc (6)
2 sc, 3dc crocheted together in one stitch (this is the thumb), 3 sc (6)
7 rounds sc (6)
fold it, ch, turn and crochet your 6 stitches with 3 sc together


2.5mm crochet hook and pink yarn
19 ch, turn and start crochet in second stitch from hook, 18 sc
The top should fit around the upper part of the body. Maybe you have to adjust the length of your top, if you crochet more tightly or loosely than I do.
1 row sc, ch and turn (18)
3 sc, 5 ch, skip 3 stitches (first armhole), 6 sc, 5 ch, skip 3 stitches (second armhole), 3 sc


Attach the arms to the body.
Create hair for your doll.
I combed the wool so it is more fluffy.
Insert the eyes and apply a little eyeshadow or rouge if you like.

Take your piece of fabric.
The 17x5cm include 1 cm seam allowance at the bottom and 1 cm seam allowance at the top, so the finished skirt measured 3 cm.
First fold the bottom part and sew with 1 cm seam allowance.
Then gather your piece until it fits the length of the top + 0.5 cm seam allowance on the left and right side.
Sew or glue the fabric to the top.
Sew the left and right part of the fabric together. Attach the dress to your doll and sew the both sides of the top together.

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